Working with apps and software can be boring but during my time working with SOH, I was fortunate enough not to be seated for most of the day. If I wasn't painting portraits on expertly manicured nails, I was taking photos or drawing on leather jackets. Can't hide the fact that every brush stroke didn't make me nervous.

A part of the branding task for Chadi Chamoun Architecture was to help them transition from a production-based firm to focus more on design and interiors. Aside from propelling their social media presence, tasks included a refreshed logo, catalogue photography and print copy for their advertising.

A dynamic gallery-salon experience like SOH isn't confined to one creative field. It's not just a gallery, not just a salon. I was fortunate enough to join them during their brand collaborations. Often working with high-end luxury brands, fashion labels and luxury cafes in Dubai. Usually involved dried paint in my hands that wouldn't come off for days. Kept me on my creative toes.

JAI BABAUTA (now re-branded as RIJAI) was an American Designer looking to imprint their influence in the Gulf. And they were determined to start — first, with a Brand Identity Package. From their logo, Vision & mission, monogram and other brand elements we were able to pump spirit into JAI BABAUTA'S identity. The designer also tasked me with their initial line's photography and social media content further align JAI BABAUTA's ethos with every single step the brand made.

ABSOLUTE UAE promoted Creativity and Collaboration in the Gulf and what better way to spice things up than invite local Dubai artists to design artwork featuring the iconic ABSOLUTE bottle? The theme for these two artworks was "through our differences, we realise we are one"

UK-Based Lifestyle Brand Kawayan needed to find its Brand's image, tone and voice. And so, I helped them find their footing with a logo, brand identity and slogans they have used consistently on their website and social media.